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We offer a wide range of roofing services that Lakeland residents and businesses can take advantage of. Some of the services you can expect to receive from us include:

  • Residential Roofing Services

    We offer custom roofing services to ensure you get exactly what you want. We keep our work area clean and leave your home looking great when the job is done. Our Lakeland Roofing Consultants also have experience working on homes that have flat roofs, low sloping roofs, and steeply sloping roofs. With our help, you can get the roofing system you want for your home and protect it from damage for many years to come.

  • Commercial Roofing Services

    Commercial roofing is not something to take lightly, but our Lakeland Roofing Consultants are up for the challenge. We know how busy you are, and that’s why we provide flexible scheduling to fit your needs. You don’t have to worry about liability when you leave your commercial roofing in our hands because we carry general liability insurance. Our staff arrive on time and will help guide you through having a new commercial roof installed or repaired.

  • Roofing Repair

    There are many reasons why you may need roof repair. It can be that your shingles are damaged, or they are deteriorating, leaving behind dangerous debris that is easily blown away in high winds. Roofs can also suffer from leaks due to broken tiles and clogged gutters. If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your home or business’s roof, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will offer a range of solutions to fix the problem so you can enjoy all the benefits of a fully functional roof at an affordable cost.

  • Roof Maintenance

    With Lakeland Roofing Consultants, our experts know that prevention is always better than the cure, which is why we provide ongoing maintenance services and repair work. With professional services, it will no longer be up to chance whether your current homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage from storms and other unforeseen events. We offer additional protection, so you don’t have to worry about anything but relaxing.

  • Roof Replacement

    If your roof is beyond repair, then there’s no other choice but to replace it. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution that will help you get the look and feel of a new roof without blowing up your budget, we have what you need! New roofs can improve insulation, so you save on energy bills. New roofs are also built with more durable materials than their predecessors, which means they won’t wear down as quickly or need replacing nearly as often.

In addition, New roofs maximize your home’s value. Here are the types of roofs which we provide:

Shingle Roofs:

A shingle roof is a type of construction that has been popular for many years. They are made from a series of different materials, which have been placed over the roof in various layers to form one solid piece. It is also a very popular type of construction used in homes with low-pitch roofs and in warmer climates.

Metal Roofs:

Metal roofs provide a great protective cover for your home, and they are very low-maintenance to boot. This is a great option for homes in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, including high winds.

Tile Roofs:

They are very similar to shingle roofs. However, they do have a more formal and high-end feel about them. Tile roofs must also be repaired or changed with extreme caution because their weight can cause harm to your roofing system if not handled properly.

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