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Welcome to Lakeland Roofing Consultants, the number one roofer in Lakeland, Florida. We specialize in the complete installation and maintenance of roofs for commercial and residential construction. As Lakeland’s number one roofer, we believe in doing our job right the first time without cutting corners. Customers can assure that we only use the finest quality materials and equipment since we understand how vital it is to preserve a beautiful home or building exterior.


We are proud to be Lakeland’s first choice for roof installation and repair services because we can handle any size job, from a small leak to a complete structure replacement. Don’t wait until it starts to rain before realizing your roof needs repairing.


Lakeland Roofing Consultants is your best choice for prevention and early detection of any issues, so you don’t have to worry about finding yourself in the middle of a storm with leaks in your roof. Our roofers take great pride in our work, and we’re 100% committed to providing you with quality service and a quality product.

Choose Lakeland Roofing Consultants for Your Next Roofing Project

Why Should You Hire Professional Roofers?

If you are experiencing issues with your roof, then the easiest thing to do would be to contact a local company for help. Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional company is recommended:

  • Saves time on research: Most of the time, you will find plenty of articles online on estimating roofing materials or creating your own scaffolding for repairs. Unfortunately, this is not something that you should attempt yourself as it can be very dangerous for you and your family members. When hiring a professional company like ours, you can rest assured that we will care for every roofing project.
  • Protection for your home: When working on your roof, following the correct safety procedures is vital. With Lakeland Roofing Consultants, it is our number one priority to make sure that all of your family members are safe while we care for our work.
  • Peace of mind: Our years of experience have taught us how to work with different roofing materials to bring you peace of mind after every job. However, our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee and will handle all of the paperwork for your insurance company.
  • Quick result for your home: You need immediate results when it comes to roofing jobs. After all, you only get one shot at creating a new roof or replacing some damaged shingles. You can rest assured that our skilled professionals will work diligently towards completing the job in your desired time frame.
  • Workers with the correct specialty: Estimating roofing materials and installing equipment requires a special set of skills.

Choose Lakeland Roofing Consultants for Your Next Roofing Project

Choosing the right roofing company for your home can be a challenging task. With the help of our professional staff, you will have access to many benefits without worrying about cost overruns or delays.

Our friendly professionals would be more than happy to meet with you for a free consultation. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to provide the best possible solutions.

For more information about our services, call us at 863-279-4604

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